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Eye Wonder: Why does my eyelid twitch?

A ‘twitch’ in the eyelid is a pretty common complaint and effects most of us at some point in our lives. It is caused by fine, involuntarty contractions of the muscle surrounding the eye and has a fancy medical term called ‘myokymia’. More commonly occuring in the lower eyelid, eyelid myokymia may occur sporadically throughout a day, and sometimes can last for multiple days. This is almost always a benign condition, unrelated to any disease and requires no treatment. It may be triggered by things such as stress and excessive intake of caffeine. At its worst, it is an annoyance! Rest assured, even though you feel like everyone around you is staring at you and wondering why you keep winking at them, it is likely your twitch is barely perceived by others or not at all.

-Dr. Rachel Merriman 😉